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Top 5 Industries to Work in For Migrants in Australia

Australia's job market is competitive and built on both immigrant labor and local labor. Consistent population growth has meant that immigration has been the backbone of the Australian labor force for the past century.

Things have evolved since the gold rush in Victoria to take on a more modern hue and today we're going to breakdown the most common occupations that migrants seek employment here once they move to Australia.


Starting with nursing, along with medicine, this is one of the more flexible occupations that can be done outside of the major cities.

Every town requires medical staff of some kind and the federal government smiles favourably on migrants that are able to find work and live in rural areas.

The Department of Home Affairs will provide additional points under the Skilled Migration Points Test for any migrants relocating into rural areas. (

In order to begin searching for employment in this field, one must apply for membership in the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, along with a visa to work in Australia.


Marketing is an industry that there are no shortage of openings in. The definition of marketing is very broad. It can relate to product advertising, analytics or sales.

It is important to be wary of what is defined as marketing. There are certain unscrupulous organisations that will declare themselves to be involved in marketing and then turn out to be door knocking or cold calling from a call centre.

While these jobs do promise the opportunity to earn large amounts of money, often these claims are greatly exaggerated or even outright falsified. Stay aware!

Getting a visa and sponsorship from an employer is essential in this occupation. Sponsorships are often offered by employers.


The second most flexible occupation on this list also is the most qualification intensive. To work as a doctor in Australia, you will require:

  • A Recognised medical degree
  • A job offer
  • Proficiency in English
  • A visa

A visa is generally granted by the Australian Department of Home Affairs after an assessment period. (

Medicine is an extremely lucrative career option in Australia, with most salaries in fields ranging from ophthalmology to general practice doctors having the potential to exceed $300000 per annum, which is more than enough to live a comfortable life in Australia.


The construction industry in Australia has been booming with no end in sight for the past few decades.

Sydney alone has been completely reshaped as successive governments have endorsed the construction of numerous apartment buildings that have increased the population by a million people in ten years.

Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth have seen similar explosions in construction as they underwent unprecedented growth. Population growth has somewhat levelled out during the pandemic, but demand for construction remains strong.

This is an industry that has its roots in the capital cities and beta cities such as the Gold Coast.

Opportunities for this industry in rural areas will be limited. This unfortunately is an industry where employee exploitation can happen, so it is important to do due diligence before getting too involved with a particular construction site.

Requirements for working in construction generally requires a white card and Personal Protection Equipment and no formal training is required to be a labourer. This is an occupation popular with backpackers and those on working holiday visas. (


Australia is home to several prestigious tertiary education facilities and seven feature in the top 100 in the world, which is very impressive for a nation of 25 million people. ( these universities are concentrated in the capital cities.

This is an arena where Canberra stands tall, as there are three universities within a city of around 400000 people. Canberra also counts as a regional area, which can supercharge your skilled visa points and help you get Permanent Residency sooner.

Teaching jobs are the most popular and sought after jobs in this field. Many migrants find work lecturing or doing research in universities which are extremely welcoming to migrants.

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