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How To Get A Scholarship In Australia In 2022

Studying in Australia as an international student is a costly affair. The tuition fees and living expenses are often beyond the means of the average student.

However, thankfully there are plenty of options to secure funding for your studies in Australia. In this article, we will delve deeper into how to get a scholarship in Australia. 

There are several organizations both government and private that offer financial assistance to foreign students who wish to study in Australia.

Each of these scholarships comes with its own set of eligibility requirements and caters to a wide range of courses and locations.


Tips When Applying For Australian Scholarships

The Study in Australia official website has a full list of available scholarships and bursaries for deserving international students. However, before you apply some important points should be noted. 

Include community outreach work in your application: Most scholarships are based on academic performance, but since competition for such types of financial aid is tough it is always best to include information about any efforts you have made to give back to your community, in the forms of activities like volunteer work or awareness campaigns. 

Check all the details: Also, you might not meet all the requirements for certain scholarships. Therefore, it is important to carefully read all the eligibility criteria for the scholarships you wish to apply for.

For instance, some scholarships are only available for certain courses or nationalities. In addition, you might also need to include things like a personal statement or cover letter. Not all organizations offer fully-funded scholarships. Some may only pay for tuition, while others might include other accommodation as well as other expenses. 

Apply early: Make sure that you collect as much information about potential scholarships as early as you can so that you send in your applications well before their deadlines.

Although most applications are made online, some organizations still prefer hard copy applications. So be sure to find out about this. 

Provide documentation: Make sure that you always provide the necessary documentation needed for all of your applications. These documents should all be certified. 

Recheck your application: Make sure that you check your application for grammar or spelling mistakes since these can create a poor first impression.

Popular Scholarships in Australia:

Australia Awards – This is a full scholarship provided by the Australian Government. It even includes funding for students’ monthly expenses.

Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship Program – This program offers funding top female researchers from APEC economies who plan to pursue further research programs in partnership with Australian research institutions

Destination Australia Program (DAP) – is a government-funded mobility program that supports local and international students who wish to enroll in Australian universities.

This program supports over 1000 students with funding of up to $15000 a year. 

Institution Specific Scholarships 

Many universities in Australia offer funding to international students. These are usually based on academic merit. You will need to contact your relevant university to find out what type of funding is available and what are the eligibility criteria set by the university for these scholarships.

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