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Living Cost in Australia for International Students

Despite the fact that Australia has a high standard of living, it is still tremendously cheaper for international students to live here than in other countries like the US and the UK. For this reason, many foreigners opt to study in Australian universities.

If you are considering such a move you might be curious about the exact cost of living for international students in Australia. Read on to find out more about the average cost of living in Australia as a student. 

University Fees

The amount you pay at an Australian university depends on the course you choose.

The fees for bachelor's programs range from 20,000 – 45,000 AUD/year, while the figures for postgraduate studies range between 22,000 – 50,000 AUD/year.

This does not include additional fees like textbooks or study guides, which usually change each semester. 

Accommodation Costs

Most international students will have to take advantage of hostel facilities instead of renting elsewhere.

However, both of these options can be quite pricey.   

For example, university hostel accommodation can cost around 440 – 1,100 AUD/month, while renting a flat range between 750 – 1,700 AUD/month.

You can reduce this cost by sharing a flat with roommates.

This does not include basic utilities which account for 200 AUD/month and WIFI for around 120 AUD/month. 

Keep in mind that you also need to consider the initial security deposits that need to be made when you sign your lease agreements, and these security deposits can range between $200-$300.

Transport costs

The amount you spend on transport will depend on how far away you live from campus, and these costs can be offset if you avail the many public transport student discounts that exist in Australia.

You can expect to pay around 70 AUD for a public transport bus pass. 

Food Expenses 

Eating out is costly anywhere in the world, but this is especially true in Australia, which prides itself on its foodie country.

You can easily rack up huge expenses if you are not careful.

A meal at an upscale restaurant can easily set you back by about $100. 

Therefore, it is recommended that students cook their own meals and buy produce from the local supermarkets.

This option requires about $500 a month. 

Earning While You Learn

One of the ways to manage your living expenses is to work part-time.

International students studying in Australia are permitted to work for 20 hours a week.

This can help you to live comfortably and give you some much-needed work experience, especially if you choose part-time work that is related to your field of study. 

Scholarships and Funding In Australia

If these costs seem far out of your reach, then do not despair.

There are plenty of scholarships and funding available for deserving students.

These are offered by the Australian government as well as several private and non-governmental organizations.

Make sure that you research thoroughly before applying for funding as some of these types of financial aid pay for tuition fees as well as accommodation and living costs. 

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