Module 2 of the Full Prometheus Accelerator Program - Now available separately!

"I have gone from feeling hopeless, to getting an engineering job 2 months after the Prometheus course. These guys get international students!"

"The most unique career course I have ever taken! And to top it off, they provide so much value! Honest and realistic approach to Australian jobs"

"I think the difference is the approach. What I've learnt with Prometheus, can only come from experiencing the struggles we face as migrants"

THE ULTIMATE "MIGRANT'S GUIDE" TO better resumes, and how to grab an employer's attention!


What they say about the course

Our students consistently manage to find remarkable success after finishing the Prometheus Accelerator Program. Even better, 90% of students who finish the course end up landing interviews, many of which have led to full time roles. The Resume Accelerator is Module 2 of the full Program for students who want to improve their Resumes.

About the instructor


Founder of prometheus education

"The plan always was to level the playing field, and help migrants realize their Australian Dream." 

Ash Latif, a migrant from the Maldives, after realizing he had no chance at work or passing English scores needed for Australian Permanent Residency, decided that his entire approach needed changing.

Scientific research papers, and years of testing various methods in the art of job seeking, Ash developed strategies he later utilized to successfully boost his career and gain Australian Citizenship.

He then started coaching friends and family using the same strategies, before moving onto Online Coaching for migrants and international students.

Ash subsequently developed The Accelerator Program alongside consulting with experts within the field, successful migrants and business owners.

His aim was to remove disadvantages international students and migrants may face in Australia due to cultural, linguistic and inexperience within these fields, and allow them to compete against local candidates.

OUR students have found work with...

what's waiting for you inside
The Prometheus Accelerator Program Module 2: resume training

 RESUME Accelerator course guide

In this module, you will take a deep dive into everything that is an excellent resume. Not only will we decipher a resume part by part, but go behind the studies and statistics that will allow you to stand out amongst thousands of other resumes. To top it off, you will also get bonus downloadable templates, fonts and more.

  • Lesson 1: Hierarchy of a Resume
  • Lesson 2: The 6 Second Rule
  • Lesson 3: What is in a Name?
  • Lesson 4: Resume Objective
  • Lesson 5: The Basics
  • Lesson 6: Resume Walkthrough
  • Lesson 7: Cover Letter Walkthrough
  • BONUS: Templates, Downloads and Fonts




100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 7-Days

Our 7-Day Guarantee gives you a full two weeks to try out the course. We are very confident that you will benefit immensely out of this course and get results out of implementing what we teach. This is why, if you are not PUMPED with the content you get, you can ask for a full refund. For full details of our policy, please refer to our Refund Policy.

"Sensational. Just what International Students need in Australia!"

I often deal with international students and migrants, and this is where I consulted Ash on the course. I believe what this course offers really can give them a much needed edge in an extremely competitive market right now.

Jordan L

Recruitment Manager, ACT/VIC

"Invaluable information, no matter where you are at in your career."

The information in the course is invaluable to anyone across industries looking to kickstart their careers in Australia. I strongly feel this could seriously help people of all backgrounds, especially considering Ash started off as an International Student himself.

Georgia L

Regional Manager, VIC

"Even local candidates can use this information! It's that good"

I have known Ash for a very long time, and when he first approaching me to consult with developing this program, I immediately told him that what he had presented to me could be useful for even local Aussies! We aren't taught a lot when it comes to careers, especially if you don't have a large network, so I believe the work Ash has put into developing this course can benefit a lot of people.

Aaron M

Finance, NSW/ACT

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Prometheus Education is an education company that leverages the experiences of real people in Australia, scientific research and expert consulting to create powerful and effective online educational content, coaching and professional simulator programs.

Our goal is to bring this content to everyone, from International Students, Grads, Working Professionals and Top Executives, to help them grow and build successful careers.

We have also pledged to always provide Refugees and Individuals with an Indigenous Background with content and coaching completely free or at heavily discounted prices.

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Artwork of the Greek God Prometheus handing the fire of knowledge to man.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Course Requirements?

Enthusiasm to learn, hard work and the relentless ability to implement everything you learn in the course is all you require! Oh, and a stable internet connection too! Generally speaking, students are all international students, migrants or permanent residents. For the Platinum Accelerator Program, there may be more requirements which will be discussed during the Eligibility Call.

Can this work in my field of study/industry?

Absolutely! We have battle tested our strategies in over 52 different industries, and combined that with the experiences, expert advice and recruiter insights from various different fields and backgrounds.

I have tried a lot of tactics. What makes yours better/different?

Too often, we see overnight "gurus" or "experts" teaching outdated methods that they themselves have not tried. Prometheus Education was founded by a former International Student, who was in the same positions that many migrants find themselves in.

After years of hardship and experience in the highly competitive Australian job market, he finally crafted the same strategies taught in this course, and continues to successfully teach students every year.

This unique perspective, plus the insider insights discovered over 10 years, alongside expert experience, recruiter consultation and an extraordinary amount of time and money spent on research sets this course apart from the rest.

Remember, we will never teach you something that we ourselves have not implemented. That is our promise.

how soon can i start once i have access to the course?

As soon as you purchase today, you will get complete access to the lessons and modules of the course + bonuses. Your email credentials into the course will be sent into your inbox.

how long will it take to do the course?

This Program can take up to 6 hours to complete fully. But you can go at your own pace and go through everything as fast or as slow as you choose.

does prometheus education provide migration services?

No. While we are in fact building up our migration agency business in the background, we cannot legally provide any migration advice at the moment. All advice included on this website, and in all courses are General Advice Only. We hope however, that the content covered in the course helps you in your PR journey.

are there visa requirements for this course?

Not at all. This course is suitable for International Students, Graduates, Permanent Residents and even Australian Citizens. The Prometheus Accelerator Program takes a holistic approach suitable for everyone, including you!

what if i get busy and fall behind?

No problem at all. You can go as fast or as slow as you choose. The main key is to apply what you're learning.

what if I am just starting out with no experience?

Most of our students have had zero to limited work experience, especially within their chosen fields. We have always highly suggested our students to take up this course while they are at University, so that they are ready and armed with training and knowledge most graduate job hunters don't already have. This sets them apart almost immediately.

So even if you have no experience, this course can help you achieve your goals almost immediately (granted you implement what we discuss).

the economy and the job market changes so often. How do i know if what i learned today is still applicable tomorrow?

After 10 years of experience, a combination of scientific research spanning back to the 1960s, industry and recruiter expertise, we designed this course to stand the test of time, whether during a recession or a global pandemic.

It is not designed around tactics or short-term "fixes", but instead around principles of job hunting that will work regardless of market conditions. So you can be confident that what you'll learn inside this course will not only work today, but in the years to come.

Is this suitable for me even if I am offshore at the moment?

Yes! If you are planning to migrate soon, whether as a student or permanent resident, this course will help to give you a competitive advantage in the job market over other migrants and even domestic students.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, you can do so by choosing to pay with Afterpay and pay in 4 fortnightly instalments.

how does your refund policy work?

We have a 7-day money back guarantee for the Program. For more information regarding our refund requirements and to see if you are eligible, please refer to our Refund Policy.


All advice provided is of a General Nature and should not be considered personalized migration advice. We specialize in Career Coaching and English Language Proficiency. Your results will be determined by a number of factors over which we have no control, such as your financial condition, experiences, skills, level of effort, education, network, changes within the market, and luck. We provide content without any express or implied warranties of any kind. By continuing to use our site and access our content, you agree that we are not responsible for any decision you may make regarding any information presented or as a result of purchasing any of our products or services. Unauthorized use or distribution of our material is restricted and prohibited under the Australian Copyright Act 1968. Individuals found to be in violation of this will be prosecuted, and this may impact your chances of studying, working and migrating to Australia.